3 Reasons to Use Élo for your Mentoring Program

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By implementing a mentoring program within your organization, you’re developing and supporting the professional growth of your employees. More and more, companies are recognizing that mentoring has real benefits. In fact, 79% of millennials consider it a necessity.

To get the most out of a mentoring program, it’s crucial to implement a strategy that not only caters to the specific needs of your organization but also directly contributes to the professional development of your employees.

Here are 3 good reasons to choose Élo for your mentoring program:

1. Élo’s expertise

The Élo Mentoring App is the brainchild of Academos Founder and Director Catherine Légaré and Lyne Maurier. For 19 years, Academos has provided students aged 14 to 30 with virtual mentoring services. Used by more than 100,000 young people and 2,800 mentors, the app helps a fresh generation of Quebecers make the right career choices.

Élo is the next logical step for Academos. It offers mentoring programs and features designed specifically for businesses and organizations. Now more than ever, companies are turning to mentoring initiatives to address key issues such as turnover, engagement, and retention. Élo’s many features and ease of use effectively support the integration and professional development of employees. In other words, Élo takes the benefits and functionality of Academos’s mentoring programs and calibrates them for professional institutions.

Les deux cofondatrices font fièrement la pose autour de la bannière officielle d'Élo mentorat.

2. Élo’s Mentoring Technology

Élo is a digital tool that facilitates mentoring for organizations, mentors, and mentees alike. Available on the web and as a mobile application, the platform lets users take advantage of mentoring services whenever they need them. Élo helps young professionals grow. It engages them with experienced and passionate mentors who offer ongoing support and skill-sharing.

Additionally, Élo uses a powerful matching algorithm that identifies a pool of qualified mentors for each user. This algorithm works according to the unique interests of both mentors and mentees (as indicated on their profiles).

Mentees then decide which mentors are equipped to accompany them in their professional endeavours. Élo also provides quarterly reports to help you assess and optimize your mentoring program. Reports provide an overview of your program’s performance and offer personalized recommendations.

3. Élo gives you access to a diverse community of professionals

Often, organizations don’t have the time and resources to recruit enough mentors before launching a mentoring program. That’s why, at Élo, you benefit from a mentoring community already present and active when you start! Here’s how it works: every professional on Élo is associated with a zone (zones represent individual organization). Depending on your goals, your zone can be closed (users only engage with other users within your organization) or open (users have access to mentors and mentees from other organizations). Thus, every zone on the application contributes to Élo’s rich ecosystem of skill-sharing.

Additionally, as founding partners of Élo, the UQAM Alumni Office and Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines (CHRP) offer the mentoring app to their graduates and members. Partners like these equip Élo with a rich and diverse community of professionals. 

Actively support the professional development of your employees with Élo: the new, easy-to-use mentoring app designed for everyone. Without question, Élo adds value to your organization. It shows current and future employees your commitment to their
development and growth. 

Want to learn more about how the Élo Mentoring App adds real value to your organization?

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