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2. Pair

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3. Measure

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Simple and accessible mentoring

Elo simplifies the mentoring experience for everyone involved. Are your employees looking for mentoring opportunities? Do you have a program in place, but one that requires significant time and energy to manage? Make things easy with a digital mentoring platform that promotes human connections.

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More than 20 years of mentoring experience

Our team is here to guide you throughout every step of the setup. Moreover, program coordinators, mentors, and mentees benefit from personalized coaching that creates a robust mentoring culture within your organization

A measurable investment

Mentoring is an investment that pays off for both employees and your organization as a whole. Track the performance of your program anytime and receive personalized reports prepared by our team.

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Big communities for smaller organizations

With Elo, small or medium-sized businesses benefit big from mentoring. If your organization doesn’t have enough potential mentors to fulfil your needs, simply set up an “open” mentoring zone on the Elo app, which lets mentees connect with our existing pool of mentors.