Elo Mentoring - Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring Program

Launch a diversity and inclusion mentoring program

Create an inclusive workplace by launching a turnkey mentorship program for equity, diversity and inclusion with the help of Elo.

Our team of experts will support you in the deployment of your mentoring and DEI initiatives effectively and strategically.

Why Mentoring for Diversity and Inclusion?

Mentoring is one of the most effective strategies for fostering diversity and
and inclusion in the workplace.

Create a collaborative and inclusive work environment where everyone feels safe and heard

Recruit and retain the best talent in your industry

Increase progression opportunities for employees from underrepresented groups

What is included in the offer?


Access to the Elo mentoring software

Deployment, management of the mentorship program and development of mentoring relationships between mentors and mentees on the Elo mentoring platform.


DEI trainings + Mentoring trainings

Interactive and complete training on best practices in diversity and inclusion and mentorship for managers, mentors and mentees.


Mentoring Program Performance Evaluation

Real-time data tracking and analysis of mentoring program performance on a quarterly basis by Elo.

Elo is trusted by organizations worldwide

Why start a mentorship program with Elo?

Proven expertise

With more than 20 years in the mentorship industry, our experts have helped many SMEs and large organizations deploy successful virtual mentoring programs with ease.

Human and results-oriented approach

We understand the common challenges faced by managers when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and mentoring. Our team of experts is here to help you effectively and strategically deploy your mentorship and DEI initiatives.

Mentoring and DEI resources available to assist you

Be guided through all the key steps in the deployment and management of your mentorship program with exclusive resources developed by Elo.

Ongoing support

Mentors, mentees and mentoring program managers benefit from personalized support throughout their mentoring experience with Elo.

Real-time data tracking

A diversity and inclusion mentoring program is an investment that pays off for employees and the organization. Follow the performance of your mentorship program at any time and benefit from quarterly reports prepared by our team.

Steps in the implementation
of the mentoring program

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