Fostering an Inclusive Corporate Culture Through Mentoring

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Diversity and inclusion are hot topics these days, and with good reason. Inclusive teams are more committed and productive. They contribute to the professional development of all employees, especially those from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Given the labour market’s current climate, many businesses are realizing that being prosperous means investing in human capital. Fostering a wide range of expertise and knowhow sets you apart from the competition.

Much can be said about organizations that embrace diversity with regards to not only skills, but also age, gender, religion, language, and more. Today’s human resources leaders must promote an inclusive culture within their organization. They need to celebrate differences and make the most of them.

When diversity makes an organization shine

According to Johanne St-Onge, a member of l’Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agrees (CRHA), diversity within an organization promotes innovation and creativity. Indeed, building a diverse team exposes an organization to different opinions, points of view, and knowhow. The organization’s skill pool evolves and becomes better equipped at embracing new opportunities.

Embracing difference through mentoring

Mentoring is an effective way to foster inclusion within your organization. By engaging with other inspiring professionals, your team exposes itself to new opinions and perspectives. The exchange of knowledge and experience forges powerful bonds among your employees.

Mentoring, by its very nature, promotes inclusion. The generous and open connections attract employees from all walks of life. In fact, studies have shown that mentoring is the most successful diversity initiative an organization can adopt. Mentoring programs can boost the representation of black, Hispanic, and Asian-American women, and Hispanic and Asian-American men at manager levels by 9% to 24%, as compared to the other initiatives which have lower results ranging from -2% to 18%.

Strategies to improve employee wellbeing

When determining your diversity strategy, choose one that provides the best support for your employees’ unique needs. By implementing programs that promote inclusion, your building a healthy, accessible space for all employees to grow. An effective diversity program benefits not only the individuals participating in it but also your organization as a whole.

In today’s global market, a diversity strategy is no longer just an asset; it’s a necessity. Start thinking beyond short-term inclusion practices and invest instead in a robust mentorship program that looks well into the future. With a mentorship program guiding you, your organization may uncover talent that it wouldn’t otherwise know was available. Moreover, mentoring supports lasting interpersonal relationships.

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