Élo realizes its vision of simple, accessible mentoring with the launch of its bilingual application

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Élo realizes its vision of simple, accessible mentoring with the launch of its bilingual application

Montreal, November 28, 2019 – Élo, a digital solution that simplifies mentoring, launches today the bilingual version of its application. Now, all organizations—French, English, or both—can support the professional development of their employees, members, or graduates via virtual mentoring.

By translating its platform, Élo aims to promote on a much larger scale the many benefits of mentoring in professional and organizational settings. Élo now gives organizations across the country (and even organizations beyond Canada’s borders), the ability to create a simple mentoring program that promotes positive and mutually beneficial managerial practices.

Thus, Élo becomes a pioneer in its field by becoming the first quebecer mentoring app available both in French and English.

“Today, we’re taking a major step with the translation of our app. Responding to the enthusiasm that Élo (and mentoring as a whole) received this past year, the decision came naturally to us. We’re very proud to expand our horizons and make mentoring accessible to more and more organizations,” says Catherine Légaré, co-founder of Élo.

An application that’s proven itself

Launched in November 2018, the mentoring app now has more than 2,000 mentors and mentees from eleven client organizations, including UQAM, l’Ordre des CRHA, the city of Montreal, Solutions médias de Radio-Canada, and HEC.

Thanks to its many features, its ease of use, and its low cost, Élo lets organizations offer employees, members, and graduates a stimulating mentoring experience that encourages a healthy exchange of expertise.

Professionals with access to the Élo app can connect with other inspiring people to propel their career development, gain autonomy in the workplace, and increase their sense of competence at the job.

About Élo

Founded by the President-Founder and Executive Director of Academos, Catherine Légaré and Lyne Maurier, Élo is a digital mentoring solution for businesses, organizations, and associations. Élo makes it possible to create an engaging, measurable, and profitable mentoring program for everyone.

For more information about Élo: elomentorat.com


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Catherine Montambeault
450-332-3006, poste 6258

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