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What is Elo?

Elo lets you connect to professionals from all walks of life. Embrace mentoring to achieve your career goals, climb the ladder, and overcome office hurdles. Meet people who can change your professional life today.

Take full advantage of mentoring

No matter what role you choose
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Develop new skills and deepen your knowledge

Climb the ladder, and be five times more likely to receive a promotion

Overcome workplace barriers such as stress or time management

Define your career goals with an experienced mentor

Successfully enter the job market as a graduate or newcomer to your industry

Expand your professional network

Launch your business with the guidance you need

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Gain recognition as an expert in your field or industry

Be exposed to new ideas and perspectives

Develop your leadership and managerial skills without any pressure

Share your experience with the next generation

Build bridges with a new generation of workers that’s eager to climb the ladder

Help others benefit from your vast network

Help young workers and entrepreneurs find their footing

With Elo, anyone can be a mentor AND a mentee

Because everybody has something to learn and share

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Enter your information, add interests and skills, and describe your work situation.


Find the perfect match

Perform a search or let the algorithm provide recommendations.


Exchange with a professional

Benefit big from mentoring and propel your career.

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Questions about your organization's mentoring program?

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Questions about the mentoring application Elo?

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