How a Mentoring Program Makes You an Attractive Employer

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Every year, Canadian companies devise action plans to attract and retain the industry’s best talent. Undoubtedly, without competent employees, it’s very difficult for an organization to prosper and stand apart from the competition as an attractive employer.

Recalibrating recruitment strategies

According to a recent study by consulting firm PwC, 88% of business leaders are concerned about recruitment and retention. Indeed, today’s Canadian companies must not only invest heavily in human capital but also rethink outdated strategies. While tried-and-tested recruiting techniques may have worked with past generations, today’s young professionals have a whole different set of needs and expectations.

The hunt for new talent is on! Here’s how mentoring helps you charm and retain a new generation of workers.

Enticing employees with mentoring

Remember, mentoring is an investment, not an expense. It boasts a powerful ROI and puts people at the heart of your organization.

Ultimately, having (and promoting!) a mentoring program shows your business cares. It conveys empathy and professionalism. It communicates to employees that you believe in their abilities and that you’re willing to equip them with the right tools to grow both professionally and personally. 

Moreover, mentoring supports professional integration. The experience helps talent immerse itself into your organization’s culture with greater efficiency. Mentors—whether sourced from within your organization or elsewhere—are there to share their lived experiences with your new employees. Furthermore, young professionals find it extremely reassuring to engage with those familiar with their industry’s realities and challenges. 

A winning strategy for your entire organization

What’s so remarkable about mentoring is that it benefits everyone involved. A mentoring program (specifically, one calibrated for this new generation of workers) gives your organization an edge when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. It demonstrates how committed you are to supporting employee integration and professional development!

Want to learn more about how mentoring can benefit your organization? Contact us today!

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