Mentoring as a Way to Prevent Burnout

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Workplace stress affects many. Sadly, some professionals encounter stress so often that it becomes a part of their daily routine. This reality, when combined with life’s countless other distractions, leads to many Canadians experiencing burnout every year.

According to a recent study by Léger, 40% of Quebecers have experienced burnout. Of this number, two-thirds of them are between the ages of 18 and 34. The results are alarming, to say the least. Today’s organizations have a responsibility to act, ensuring that employees have the resources they need to achieve their goals without always being overwhelmed by stress.

Causes of burnout identified by the Douglas Institute:

  • Expecting too much of ourselves
  • Expecting too much from others
  • A poor perception of what a “good job” entails
  • A poor sense of belonging
  • A negative environment

Mentoring: a tool to prevent burnout

Workplace mentoring fulfills many needs: professional development, diversity and inclusion, integration of new talent, and much more. Mentoring can also serve as a powerful support resource for employees—one that lets individuals open up to other professionals who understand the job’s everyday realities.

A mentor can provide valuable advice to someone overwhelmed by a workplace situation. Often, the mentor has lived this very same dilemma. And even if not, mentors are often good at identifying toxic situations and stress factors that can lead to burnout. In any case, contacting a mentor means recognizing that you need advice or guidance. It’s an important first step. Once a relationship is struck, the mentee can acquire the tools needed to curb stress and exhaustion.

Putting people at the heart of your organization

The shocking burnout rates reported by Léger make it clear that organizations have a moral obligation to address employee mental health. And even on a practical front, doing so fosters a healthy work environment where everyone prospers. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to provide employees with practical, accessible, and—most importantly—human services to effectively prevent burnout.

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