Introduction to Business Mentoring

This introductory training in mentoring allows participants to understand what mentoring is, its benefits and advantages in the workplace.

Training session for companies

Duration : 90 to 120 minutes
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About this training session

Business mentoring programs are growing in popularity. No wonder when you consider that mentoring can increase your employee retention rates by over 40% and save you money on your recruiting efforts.

This training is intended for any company interested or in the process of integrating this innovative practice within its organization. Discover the possibilities and take the opportunity to ask your questions to our experts.

  • Know what mentoring is: definition, characteristics, role and function of mentors, roles of mentees, who is mentoring for, differences from coaching or supervision;
  • Discover the advantages and benefits of mentoring (return on investment), for the people who participate and for your organization;
  • Know the solutions and forms of mentoring used most of the time in the workplace (classic mentoring, situational mentoring, peer mentoring, reverse mentoring, group mentoring);
  • How to start and implement a mentoring program.

Our mentoring experts

Photo de Catherine Legaré

Catherine Légaré

Co-founder and president of Elo, Catherine founded
Academos 20 years ago, a digital mentoring solution for helping young people orient themselves professionally. She holds a PhD in psychology and is a nationally recognized mentoring expert.

Photo d'Ali Fadel

Ali Fadel

Ali joined the CX team as a Customer Experience agent. His university training in marketing, his empathy, his understanding of the issues and needs of users, his relational and communication skills are all qualities that make him a strength within the Elo team.

Photo de Camille Detouillon

Camille Detouillon

Customer Experience Advisor at Elo, Camille supports program coordinators in the implementation of their mentoring initiatives. Drawing on her experience as a trainer, she also helps mentors and mentees prepare and structure their mentoring relationships.

The benefits of an introductory training in mentoring

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    Discover mentoring and its benefits in the workplace;
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    Understand the success factors of a mentoring program;
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    Understand the role of the person responsible for the mentoring program in an organization;
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    Training based on concrete experiences in mentoring

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