Mentor skills training

This training session allows mentors to learn how to structure and lead an effective and lasting mentoring relationship.

Comment être un bon mentor et leader en entreprise

Training for business

Duration: 90 to 120 minutes
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45$/each. duration of 1h
Elo periodically gives this virtual training session for individuals who want to join a general admission group.

About this training session

Mentoring programs have a higher success rate when both mentors and mentees receive initial mentoring training.

This virtual training allows mentors to understand the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder, manage their expectations and integrate the key skills required to support mentees.

  • Understand what mentoring is and what it is not;
  • The role, functions and duties of a mentor;
  • The key skills and attitudes to develop to be an effective mentor;
  • What to expect from your mentee;
  • Learn how to structure, lead and maintain a profitable mentoring relationship;
  • Organize and take the first steps of your mentoring: time management, management of expectations, organization of meetings and communications;


Photo de Catherine Legaré

Catherine Légaré

Co-founder and president of Elo, Catherine founded
Academos 20 years ago, a digital mentoring solution for helping young people orient themselves professionally. She holds a PhD in psychology and is a nationally recognized mentoring expert.
Photo d'Ali Fadel

Ali Fadel

Ali joined the CX team as a Customer Experience agent. His university training in marketing, his empathy, his understanding of the issues and needs of users, his relational and communication skills are all qualities that make him a strength within the Elo team.
Photo de Camille Detouillon

Camille Detouillon

Customer Experience Advisor at Elo, Camille supports program coordinators in the implementation of their mentoring initiatives. Drawing on her experience as a trainer, she also helps mentors and mentees prepare and structure their mentoring relationships.

The benefits of a mentor skills training session

Career women and mentor talking confidently
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    Acquire all the tools to become an effective mentor
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    Cultivate leadership skills and posture
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    Contribute to the development of the next generation and support individuals in their career path.
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    Quick and easy access to several exclusive mentoring resources (articles, guides, etc.)
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    Training based on concrete experiences in mentoring

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