Mentor training : My mentoring style
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Mentor training : My mentoring style

This training allows mentors to identify their mentoring personality and maximize the success of their mentoring

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Duration : 90min
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About this training session

There are different individual styles of mentoring, all of which may be appropriate depending on the circumstances that arise when meeting with your mentee. Most mentors have a preference for one or two styles related to their personality, profession and beliefs.

This training allows mentors to become aware of their natural style in their mentoring relationships as well as to discuss their experiences and questions.

  • Identify with the help of a questionnaire his or her style(s) as a mentor (completed before the training)
  • Understand different mentor personalities with their strengths and blind spots in different situations
  • Scenarios in small groups of mentors with examples of mentoring relationships
  • Explore courses of action according to the stage of the mentoring relationship


Photo de Catherine Legaré

Catherine Légaré

Co-founder and president of Elo, Catherine founded
Academos 20 years ago, a digital mentoring solution for helping young people orient themselves professionally. She holds a PhD in psychology and is a nationally recognized mentoring expert.

Catherine Dumas

As a CX Advisor, Catherine oversees the implementation of strategies aimed at engaging users and coordinators of mentoring programs in order to provide them with an optimal experience. With values ​​fully aligned with Elo’s mission, she is convinced that active listening and the quality of the customer experience are at the heart of a successful mentoring program.
Photo de Camille Detouillon

Camille Detouillon

Customer Experience Advisor at Elo, Camille supports program coordinators in the implementation of their mentoring initiatives. Drawing on her experience as a trainer, she also helps mentors and mentees prepare and structure their mentoring relationships

The benefits of training to understand your mentoring style

La force dans nos différences, plusieurs mentors se tiennent la main
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    Cultivate their skills and their posture as a mentor;
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    Equip yourself to carry out your mentorship;
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    Better understand the impact of their style of interaction on the success of the mentoring relationship;
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    Training based on concrete experiences in mentoring.

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