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We help you implement and manage a mentoring program simply from day one. Maximize your investment with the Élo mentoring app.


Join our mentoring community to grow your career. Ideal for individuals, entrepreneurs and small teams.
$ per person / per month, billed annually
  • Join Élo individually or register your team to access the mentoring community
  • Choose your mentoring goals
  • Take advice from our experts for a profitable mentoring experience
  • Do your mentoring with Web, iOS & Android Smartphone Apps
  • Use our smart algorithm to find your ideal mentor


Turnkey mentoring software to easily implement and manage a mentoring program using content and tools developed by our mentoring experts.
15 *
$ per person / per month, billed annually
  • Invite your people to join your private or open mentoring space
  • Sign up and support hundreds of mentors and mentees hassle-free
  • Use the recruitment and engagement tools developed by our experts
  • Match your mentors and mentees or let them pick the right match using our smart algorithm
  • Access the participation data at any time


All the features of the Essential plan, plus advanced personalization and strategic coaching in the management of your mentoring program.
25 *
$ per person / per month, billed annually
  • Engage your people with personalized communications and notifications
  • Train your people in mentoring best practices
  • Customize mentoring goals and create participant categories
  • Take advantage of coaching from our mentoring experts
  • Measure the performance of your program and evaluate it with your participants

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