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A simple mentoring solution to engage, train and retain your employees!

Give your employees the support, training and working conditions they deserve to thrive with Elo, Canada’s fastest and easiest mentoring platform. Write to us to discuss your needs and get a free demo!

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Elo is used by more than 6000 professionnals around the world

The benefits of mentoring for your business

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    Increase in employee retention rate.
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    of people take ownership of a job more easily when they have a mentor.
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    A person supported by a mentor is 3X more likely to have good mental health.
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    A person supported by a mentor is 83% more likely to have a strong sense of belonging.

A turnkey service to train and retain your talents

Access to the Elo mentoring platform

Mentoring support and training

Performance analysis and real-time data monitoring

They chose Elo

Francois Ferraris de Medtronic, client d'Elo

« ``Elo's mentoring platform has allowed us to accelerate learning and create meaningful connections between people from various departments in addition to foster intergenerational collaboration. » »

François Ferraris, business analyst at Medtronic France.


  • The pairing algorithm
  • The user-friendly interface
  • The tools, training and support provided
  • Confidentiality of exchanges
  • The multilingual interface

A human and results-oriented approach

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Step 1

Benefit from our proven expertise to define your mentoring program.
Group of women discussing their mentoring program
Matching algorithm
Matching algorithm

Step 2

Efficiently deploy your initiatives with our results-oriented technology.
Mentor & mentee skills training

Step 3

Recruit, match and mobilize your mentors and mentees
Mentor & mentee skills training
Performance statistics
Statistiques de performances

Step 4

Measure the performance of your program every step of the way.

Training for business

Elo offers à la carte or tailor-made mentoring formations

Free guides

Ultimate Guide : How to Onboard Your Employees through Mentoring