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Simple mentoring solutions to integrate and retain your employees!

Recruiting the best talent is difficult? Keeping them is a bigger challenge. Optimize the integration and engagement of your new employees and reduce your turnover rate. Ensure the retention of your staff through mentoring.

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Did you know that 56% of new hires want a mentor or buddy to help them out?

For millennials, having a mentor is one of the key factors in deciding on a workplace and staying there.

Give your employees growth and learning opportunities by making it easy to connect with sponsors or mentors in your organization.

These relationships are critical to integrating into their new position and developing meaningful connections.

Companies choose Elo for:

  • Facilitate the integration of employees
  • The user friendly interface
  • Reduced management time
  • Tools, training and support provided
  • The confidentiality of exchanges
  • The multilingual interface
  • The pairing algorithm
  • Personalized recommendations

The benefits of mentoring to integrate and retain your employees

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    of companies report that a peer mentoring program boosts new employee productivity
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    Employees take ownership of a job more easily when they have a mentor.
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    A person supported by a mentor is 83% more likely to have a strong sense of belonging.
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    Companies that offer mentoring increase their retention rate by 50%

A turnkey service to set up a mentoring program

Access to the Elo mentoring platform

formation en mentorat avec nos experts

Coaching and training in mentoring

Real-time performance analysis and data tracking


Julie succeeded in her integration thanks to mentoring

«I was promoted to manager in 2019. The need to develop my skills with regard to my new functions being deep and constant, I wanted to have neutral and frank support, based on constructive exchanges, which is why I registered on Elo. My mentor succeeded in giving me more self-confidence. It also helped me better understand my role as a manager. »

Julie Cauchon, Director of the training and recruitment department in the general direction of human resources at the CNESST and mentee on Elo

Human and Results-Oriented Approach

Group of women discussing their mentoring program

Step 1

Take advantage of our proven expertise to facilitate the integration of your employees by implementing a mentoring program.
Group of women discussing their mentoring program
Matching algorithm
Matching algorithm

Step 2

Effectively deploy your integration goals with our results-oriented technology.
Mentor & mentee skills training

Step 3

Recruit, train, pair and engage your mentors and mentees with exclusive resources developed by our experts.
Mentor & mentee skills training

Step 4

Receive personalized support from Elo throughout your mentoring program (Client Portal, Toolbox, Clinics, training and more!)

Step 5

Measure the performance of your program on an ongoing basis. Benefit from reports prepared by our team.

Training for business

Elo offers à la carte or tailor-made mentoring training sessions

Free Guide

Our ultimate guide: How to Onboard Your Employees Through Mentoring

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