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Mentoring is a highly rewarding experience, but one that requires a certain understanding of its participants and the role they play. As was mentioned in a recent Élo blog post, one doesn’t have to be born a natural mentor or mentee—it’s something that can be learned! Élo, in a way, takes on the role of “user mentor.” It’s a job we take very seriously. We ensure the mentoring support each user receives is highly efficient and incredibly personalized. We promise simple and accessible mentoring for all!

The 19 years of experience that Élo co-founder Lyne Maurier and I, Catherine Légaré, acquired at Academos (an organization that uses virtual mentoring to help young professionals find their dream jobs) have made us specialists in managing broad-scope mentoring initiatives. In addition to my work at Academos, I also co-created and taught a Mentorship Practices course for Université du Québec à Montréal. Our backgrounds paved the way for Élo, a mentoring app that gives professionals the support they need. What kind of support? Take, for instance, Élo’s series of personalized emails. Guiding users, these correspondences get them acquainted with the application while also teaching them the role of mentor and mentee.

Optimal user experiences

Élo is a mentoring app that puts users first. Every feature is designed to optimize the mentoring experience for all professionals. Of course, it’s important users understand how these features work. That’s why, to ensure everyone gets the most out of the platform, we teach users how to complete their profile, change their availability, search for mentors, and much more.

Preparing users for mentoring

For many Élo users, mentoring is a new experience. It’s crucial for us to guide first-timers through it. To do so, Élo has designed various “Mentor and Mentee Starter Kits” that explore the nature of a healthy mentorship and showcase the full range of the application’s possibilities. For instance, a new user may be wondering what it takes to become a good mentor or mentee. These guides undoubtedly answer the question!

Creating an enriching mentoring experience

Everyone on Élo has their own mentoring needs and reasons for using the platform. Whether it’s to help someone learn a new skill from a passionate mentor or to facilitate the passing of knowledge onto others, Élo is the perfect tool to enrich the lives of professionals. 

Élo shares with users the different ways to enhance their mentoring relationships. The application guides mentees as they prepare to contact a prospective mentor for the first time. Additionally, the app’s notification system alerts mentors when they receive messages, inviting them to reply so that exchanges between parties remain consistent and engaging.

Thanks to its many support features, users benefit big from Élo’s personal and professional mentoring plans. Virtual mentoring is all about connecting successfully and sharing success. We’re proud to make Élo your virtual mentoring mentor!

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