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Since launching Élo in November 2018, we’ve attracted more than 2,400 mentors and mentees from 9 organizations, including Université du Québec à Montréal, l’Ordre des CRHA, the City of Montreal, CBC Media Solutions, Université Laval and Hautes Études Commerciales. Chosen for its accessibility and ease of use, Élo helps these organizations’ members, students, and employees grow professionally, thanks to its highly versatile mentoring program.

In May 2019, we conducted a survey of 78 Élo mentees and 38 Élo mentors to learn how they benefited from the app. 


What the Élo Mentoring App means for mentees

Firstly, Élo’s matching algorithm simplifies the way mentees seek out mentors. Whenever and wherever, mentees can use the app to connect with a mentor of their choosing.

What are mentees looking for through these exchanges?

  • To network and receive tips on developing their careers
  • To receive advice for their entrepreneurial endeavours and other projects
  • To talk to experts in their field

Furthermore, we asked mentees about the benefits of their mentoring experience. Here’s what they had to say:

  • 71% of mentees say mentoring helps them discover new approaches and perspectives
  • 28% of mentees say that mentoring helps them develop new skills
  • 28% of mentees say mentoring helps them overcome workplace hurdles

What mentees appreciate about Élo

Secondly, we offer users a variety of features that optimize and simplify the mentoring experience. According to the survey results, Élo’s ease of use, user-friendliness, and accessibility are highly prized by mentees.

The frequency of mentee connections highlights their appreciation of the app. In fact, 59% of mentees regularly access to the platform. Whether responding to a message from a mentor, participating in discussion boards, or simply scrolling through the newsfeed, mentees stay connected via the web or mobile application.

We’re also happy to report that 100% of mentees say they would recommend Élo. This unanimously positive response underscores how important an accessible, easy-to-use professional development tool is for employees.


What the Élo Mentoring App means for mentors

Thirdly, being a mentor is incredibly charitable. In addition to sharing their expertise, mentors offer considerable support to those reaching for new professional heights.

What motivates Élo’s mentors to make such a generous gesture?

  • The want to pay it forward
  • To share their passion and expertise
  • To support the development of young professionals

Mentorships benefit mentees and mentors equally. We asked Élo’s mentors what they got out of their experience. Here’s what they had to say:

  • 40% of mentors surveyed say that mentoring helps them connect with other generations
  • 40% of mentors surveyed say that mentoring gives them recognition as an expert in their field

What mentors appreciate about Élo

Fourthly, Élo’s mentors benefit from excellent support. Like the survey’s mentees, this sample of mentors referenced Élo’s accessibility and ease of use.

In short — they state that they appreciate the opportunity to serve as both mentors and mentees. In summary, we strongly believe that everyone has something to learn and share. That’s why users helping others are also invited to be mentored themselves.

Discover Élo

As you can see from our survey results, the benefits of launching a mentorship program are many. To that end, the Élo app includes numerous features to simplify the mentoring experience for your members, students, or employees. 

To learn more about how the app adds real value to your organization, contact us.

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