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Wisdom Package

Access to the quick solution to help your employees build their skills, further advance their professional careers and promote happiness in the workplace!


per person/per month, charged annually

Saying hello to mentoring has never been easier

Quick and hassle-free registration

Sign yourself up or members of your team and our mentoring specialists will take care of the rest. After receiving an invitation and a starter kit, your employees will be able to join the Elo community in just a few clicks and take action to develop their skills.

Gain access to a mentoring community of well experienced professionals

Elo brings together a community of competent and passionate professionals. Let our matchmaking algorithm provide your employees with the ideal mentors to help them achieve their career goals. They will then be able to start enriching mentoring relationships with the mentors of their choice.

Wisdom package features includes

Profil exemple on Elo

Custom profile

Whether at home or in the office, everyone is unique. With Elo, all mentors and mentees can create a personalized profile that highlights both professional and personal interests. After all, mentoring is all about making human connections.

Search for mentors easily on Elo

Matching algorithm

Finding a mentor has never been easier! In addition to letting mentees search for mentors using different criteria, our mentoring platform recommends matches based on the needs and interests of users.

Single and multiple matches

No waiting games! With Elo, mentees can initiate conversations anytime with as many mentors as they want.

News feed on Elo


Keep everyone informed. The newsfeed is a powerful tool for sharing information with the community. No time to publish your own content? No worries—our team regularly share helpful mentorship tips and news items.

Discussion boards on mentoring

Discussion boards

Sometimes, the more voices chiming in on a subject, the better! With discussion boards, mentees and mentors can share tips, find advice, and even initiate a mentoring match.

Personalized zone for your organization

Guided mentoring experiences

Mentors and mentees benefit from ongoing coaching to make the most of their mentoring experience on Elo. Our users have access to a starter kit and virtual mentoring training. We keep our promise to provide easy and accessible mentoring for everyone!

Hundreds of mentors ready to help you or your employees!

Offer your team or yourself personalized mentoring support

For the price of a coffee

Increase learning opportunities
Promote mental health
Encourage inclusion and diversity in your team
Save time and money on your recrutement and engagement process

Our clients

Elo is used by more than 6000 professionals around the world