Overcome the challenges associated with COVID-19

Find valuable advice and share yours with entrepreneurs and managers who understand your reality and the challenges you are currently experiencing. 

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This mentoring zone is an initiative of the Elo team to enable managers and entrepreneurs to be effectively supported during the Covid-19 crisis. We believe that mentoring can be an empowering tool in dealing with this situation together. Access is offered free of charge until the end of the current crisis to all those who wish to discuss management in these complex times.

What is Elo?

Elo allows you to connect with professionals from all walks of life. Take advantage of mentoring to discuss the management challenges associated with COVID-19, find valuable advice and share with the community. Meet people who could make your job easier and, perhaps, have an enduring impact on your professional life.

Take full advantage of mentoring

No matter what role you choose
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Discuss the challenges associated with Covid-19 and find valuable advice

Draw inspiration from the best crisis management practices

Overcome current obstacles with the help of experienced professionals

Develop new skills and deepen your knowledge

Define your career goals with an experienced mentor

Expand your professional network

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Be part of a caring and sharing community in these uncertain times

Be exposed to new ideas and perspectives

Develop your leadership and managerial skills without any pressure

Gain recognition as an expert in your field or industry

Share your experience with the next generation

Build bridges with a new generation of workers that’s eager to climb the ladder

With Elo, anyone can be a mentor AND a mentee

Because everybody has something to learn and share

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Questions about the mentoring app Elo?

Contact Olivier, our engagement specialist.