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Say hello to simplified mentoring

Give your employees the support, training and working conditions they deserve to thrive through mentoring. Elo supports you in your mentoring success with consulting services, training, tools and a mentoring platform. Contact us to discuss your needs and develop your customized solution!

Through its expertise, Elo supports over 5,000 mentors and mentees in more than 40 organizations

The benefits of mentoring for your business

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    Increased employee retention rate.
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    People take on a job more easily when they have a mentor.
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    A person supported by a mentor is 83% more likely to have a strong sense of belonging.
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    A person supported by a mentor is 3X more likely to have good mental health.

3 good reasons to use Elo

Mentoring made easy

Elo makes mentoring easy for you, your organization and your employees. Do your employees want access to mentoring? Do you have a mentoring program in place but it takes a lot of time and energy to manage? Our consulting services, training and ready-to-use tools will help you optimize your actions.

Personalized support

With over 20 years of experience in the mentoring world, our team is here to guide you every step of the way in setting up your program. In addition, program coordinators, mentors and mentees benefit from personalized coaching that will help you create a true mentoring culture.

Measure your success

Mentoring is an investment that pays off for employees and the organization. Measure the impact on your business or your employees’ careers and track the performance of your mentoring program on an ongoing basis.


Reduce management time

Traditional mentoring programs are very time consuming and labor intensive for a handful of matches per year. The Elo mentoring platform automates management with intelligent and intuitive tools.