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With the Elo mentoring platform, you can easily launch an engaging, measurable, and profitable mentoring program for everyone

Mentoring for everyone

Benefits for any organization


Develop emerging talent and keep leaders motivated while fostering engagement, inclusion, and employee retention.

Professional associations

Engage your members and employees while creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and continuing education.

Telework teams

Support and expand your community by connecting young professionals with seasoned entrepreneurs remotely.

Set up a mentorship program with ease

Elo mentoring software offers an accessible and intuitive experience for participants, coordinators, and managers. Unleash the power of mentoring in three easy steps.
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Register and onboard hundreds of mentors and mentees hassle-free

Match between mentor and mentee


Create ideal matches with our intelligent algorithm.

Statistics and performance of your mentoring program


Follow the growth of your mentoring program and enjoy personalized recommendations.

3 reasons to use Elo

Easy mentoring

Elo simplifies the mentoring experience for everyone involved. Are your employees looking for mentorship opportunities? Do you have a mentoring program in place, but one that requires significant time and energy to manage? Make things easy with a virtual mentoring platform that promotes human connections.

Easy mentoring
Proven expertise

Personalized support to make your mentorship program a success

With more than 20 years of mentoring experience, our team is here to guide you throughout every step of the setup. Moreover, program coordinators, mentors, and mentees benefit from personalized coaching that creates a robust mentoring culture within your organization.

Measure the benefits of mentoring

Mentoring is an investment that pays off for both employees and your organization as a whole. Track the performance of your mentoring program anytime and receive personalized reports prepared by our team.

A measurable investment

Reduce mentoring program management time

Traditional mentorship programs require a lot of energy to yield just a handful of matches a year. The Elo mentoring platform manages the entire process with intelligent and intuitive tools.
Elo app, reduce your management time

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