Licenses and payment

No, our app can accept everyone! The ability to operate large-scale is an advantage of digital mentoring.

Of course. Add new licenses at any time.

For now, we only offer annual licenses. Doing so lets mentors and mentees take full advantage of their connections.


This short video gives you an overview of Élo’s interface and main features. Want a more in-depth presentation? Contact us for a demonstration.

User licenses grant Élo access to mentors, mentees, and those managing your organization’s mentoring project.

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As of October 2019, the application is available in English and French.

Yes, all your user data can be downloaded at any time from your coordinator account. It’s available as a CSV file that can be opened with any spreadsheet program, such as Excel. User contact information, interests, employers, etc. are listed in this file.

No, conversations between mentors and mentees remain confidential.

Yes, coordinators can suspend the account of a mentor or mentee. For now, however, users can't delete or suspend their account themselves. They are encouraged to contact their program coordinator if they wish to do so.


Mentees can search for mentors using different criteria or they can follow recommendations made by our matching algorithm. Once a profile catches their attention, mentees simply click "contact this mentor" to get the conversation started. After a message is composed, the mentor has the option to respond—it’s as simple as that!

No, users can connect with as many mentors and mentees as they wish. However, we advise users not to take on too many matches simultaneously. Doing so can be very time-consuming. Moreover, it often leads to superficial relationships instead of enriching ones.

Involvement can vary greatly from one mentor to the next. It’s important to note that most mentors are not in active relationships all year long. Often, the time they allocate to mentees depends on the number of matches they choose to take on. Also, mentors can mark themselves as "absent" from the app during vacation, maternity leave, etc.

With that said, a mentor with one mentee can expect to spend around 15 minutes a week responding to messages. Additionally, mentors are welcome to meet with mentees from time to time (of course, this isn’t something that happens every week).

Indeed, not everyone is familiar with what mentoring entails. That's why our team, led by Quebec mentoring expert Catherine Légaré, publishes content every week for both mentees and mentors. These posts and emails ensure users stay up to date with today’s best mentoring practices. Additionally, our engagement expert is always available to support your users if they have any questions

Managing your mentorship program

The coordinator is the person responsible for your organization’s mentoring program. The position’s three main responsibilities are:
- Recruit mentees and mentors from your community;
- Mobilize users with both the Élo application and on the field;
- Communicate with Élo's team when needed.

The coordinator can also:
- Publish news in the newsfeed;
- Personally follow-up with participants based on their needs as well as the needs of your organization.

It all depends on the number of users. According to a survey of our current coordinators, it varies from less than an hour per week (for zones with 25 licenses) and up to 2 days per week (for zones with 500 licenses and more).