Elo Mentoring - 5 reasons to use the Elo Mentoring Platform

Our product

Elo is a mentoring platform for businesses, organizations, and associations. The platform lets you recruit mentors and mentees, match users, manage your mentoring program, and measure results with ease. Elo offers an accessible and intuitive experience for both participants and program coordinators.

Features of the Elo mentoring software

Our features put people at the heart of your mentorship program
Profil exemple on Elo

Custom profile

Whether at home or in the office, everyone is unique. With Elo, all mentors and mentees can create a personalized profile that highlights both professional and personal interests. After all, mentoring is all about making human connections

Search for mentors easily on Elo

Matching algorithm

Finding a mentor has never been easier! In addition to letting mentees search for mentors using different criteria, our mentoring platform recommends matches based on the needs and interests of users.

Single and multiple matches

No waiting games! With Elo, mentees can initiate conversations anytime with as many mentors as they want.

News feed on Elo


Keep everyone informed. The newsfeed is a powerful tool for sharing information with your community of mentors and mentees. No time to publish your own content? No worries—our team regularly share helpful mentorship tips and news items.

Discussion boards on mentoring

Discussion boards

Sometimes, the more voices chiming in on a subject, the better! With discussion boards, mentees and mentors can share tips, find advice, and even initiate a mentoring match.

Personalized zone for your organization

Open or closed zones

All for one, or one for all? Depending on your needs, you can keep your zone open or closed. With an open zone, users gain access to Elo’s entire mentor-mentee pool. Of course, if you want to keep the mentoring project internal, a closed zone connects users strictly within your organization.

Services included

Analytics reports

Track performance metrics with quarterly user-engagement data.

Expert guidance for participants

Mentors and mentees regularly receive content that helps them understand their roles.

Customized mentoring program recommendations

Receive tailored advice to optimize your mentoring program and mobilize users.

Help managing your mentorship program

From recruiting assistance to content that mobilizes, our turnkey tools make setting up and managing your mentorship program easy.

Mentoring’s ROI

Say hello to a more motivated, valued, and diverse team.


Employee retention

Retain employees longer

An employee partaking in mentorship feels happier, valued, and motivated. Elo helps your organization develop a sense of belonging among existing employees, reducing your need for new hires. 

Increase employee retention rates by more than 40% and save on your recruitment efforts.



Internal promotions

Propel your talents

Mentoring helps professionals move up the ladder. Foster the expertise of new employees while reinforcing the leadership skills of your organization’s senior members.

Make it five times more likely for your employees to receive a promotion.



Diversity & inclusion

Embrace diversity

Say goodbye to the glass ceiling! Elo makes a real difference within your organization by doubling down on diversity and inclusion efforts.

Promotions and retention rates of minorities and women increase by 15% to 38%