About us

About us

It all started in 1999—we launched a mentoring project to ready young people for their careers. Over the next 20 years, that project evolved into Academos, a successful NPO and mentoring application. After seeing how our undertaking helped young people and students, we decided it was time to democratize mentoring in the job market.

With Élo, we aimed to develop an intuitive platform that makes it easy for organizations to launch a mentoring program. Today, the platform connects hundreds of professionals who want to grow in the workplace. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to flourish at their job. The professional landscape is changing. Are you? Élo helps you say hello to new mentoring opportunities!

Our mission

Élo’s mission is to simplify mentoring for mentors, mentees, organizations, and businesses alike. We democratize mentoring so that professionals from all walks of life feel more fulfilled in the workplace. Founded by Lyne Maurier, MBA, and Catherine Légaré, Ph.D., our company is proudly based in Montreal, Canada.

Our team

Catherine Légaré

Catherine is the co-founder and president of Élo as well as the founder of Academos, a digital solution she launched 20 years ago that helps young people enter the professional world. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology and taught mentoring coordination at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She is a recognized mentoring expert from coast to coast.

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C clegare@elomentorat.com

Lyne Maurier

Co-founder and CEO of Élo, Lyne holds an MBA from HEC. In addition to her role at Élo, she directs operations, finance, human resources, and business development at Academos. For several years, Lyne worked in the private sector, notably heading the construction, opening, and operations of Mont-Tremblant’s convention center.

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C lmaurier@academos.qc.ca


Joas A. Trépanier

Development Director, Joas is in charge of developing our digital solutions nationally and internationally. Joas has a professional background rich in diverse experiences, notably in customer service, digital marketing, event project management and business development. In addition to encouraging lasting business relationships between our company, our customers and partners, he successfully oversees all mandates and sees far ahead.

Now in paternity leave

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C jtrepanier@elomentorat.com

Mark Selvadurai

Sales and Marketing Consultant , Mark pursued a very non-traditional career path, which helped him develop numerous professional skills, including a strong sense of sales and sales strategies, customer service, and account management. In addition to encouraging lasting business relationships between our company, our customers and partners, he successfully oversees all mandates and sees far ahead.

C mselvadurai@elomentorat.com

Catherine Montambeault

Catherine Montambeault

Specialist in marketing communication and public relations, Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree in communication, writing and multimedia from the University of Sherbrooke. Passionate about writing and curious to learn about all subjects, she was first a journalist for La Tribune and Journal de Montréal before moving to the other side of the media barrier.

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C cmontambeault@elomentorat.com

Mathilde Capezzuoli

A digital marketing specialist, Mathilde is passionate about communications, marketing, and fashion. Hailing from Academos as a community manager, she holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

514 332-3006 X 6265
C mcapezzuoli@elomentorat.com


Camille Detouillon

With several years of experience in the field of digital marketing, management and training, Camille has built a notable reputation in customer service and training.
Driven by a desire to foster professional development through mentoring and coaching, Camille is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to engage users and mentoring program coordinators in order to provide them with an optimal experience.
A role in which the primary intention is to keep the user experience at the heart of their mentoring success.
At Elo, she is particularly known for her empathy and her ability to understand the needs of her partners.

C cdetouillon@elomentorat.com