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Train your mentors and mentees with ease and impact with Elo’s training programs. With an expertise recognized across the country, Elo supports businesses and organizations by offering training sessions on all aspects of mentoring.
Mentor building leadership by helping mentee

Mentors initial training

This mentoring training session allows mentors to learn how to structure and lead an effective and lasting mentoring relationship. Mentoring programs have a higher success rate when mentors are trained […]
A diverse group attending Mentee skills training

Mentees initial training

Mentoring training session allowing mentees to learn how to structure, lead and maintain a lasting and effective mentoring relationship. This virtual training aims to introduce the key skills and attitudes […]
Mentorés discutent de leurs objectifs pour un mentorat réussi

How to Set Your Mentoring Goals

In mentoring, setting goals keeps you on track and ensures you have a solid foundation in your mentoring relationship. This virtual training allows mentees to learn simple techniques to begin this reflection […]
Formation style de mentor

Mentor training : My mentoring style

There are different individual styles of mentoring, all of which may be appropriate depending on the circumstances that arise when meeting with your mentee. Most mentors have a preference […]
formation mentor : écoute et feedback

Mentor training : Listening and feedback skills

Mentors who feel confident in their active listening and feedback skills feel more comfortable in their role and have higher success rates in mentoring. […]

Through its expertise, Elo helps more than 5,000 mentors and mentees around the world

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