Elo Mentoring - Case Study - CRHA

Case Study - CRHA

The main goal of our mentoring program is to encourage the professional growth of our members who want to gain from the experience of other experimented professional which in turn promote knowledge transfer and development in the community

CRHA sought to...


mentoring for everyone

“Increase the accessibility of our existing mentoring program to the totality of our members (11 000) without increasing the workload.”




Facilitate the integration of new and future members even in remote working situations.



Foster the professional growth of all our members.

Our virtual mentoring program with Elo gives our members a space where they can connect with other professionals to foster growth and build a community founded on engagement, collaboration and rewarding relationships.

Elo enabled CRHA to...

Medtronic a réussi à atteindre ses objectifs.👇

+700 new members

Before the partnership with Elo, CRHA mentoring program had enrolled 214 members in 6 years. Since the implementation of Elo, in three years, more than 700 additional members have joined the program

Increase matching

More than 400 users have been matched with a mentor or a mentee.

+ Efficiency

With the same resources in place, the CRHA program achieved only 17 matches. With Elo, the number of matches grew to more than 80 a year !

Strategies deployed by Elo

L’Ordre des CRHA were searching for a mentoring platform that would allow the whole community to connect no matter their geographical situation.


Mentoring across Canada

Our bilingual platform helped CRHA reach their goal to increase the accessibility of their mentoring program to every 11 000 members across the country.


Discussion groups

The discussion groups available in the Elo app encouraged members to help each other on specific HR topics and issues without having to commit to a mentor/mentee relationship. These groups complete the mentoring experience and create a caring community where everyone can help each other.


Creation of a mentoring strategy

 Elo formulated a mentoring program that brought together every needs and values specific to CRHA so their members could get the maximum benefit from their mentoring. The mission was to bring together versatility and flexibility. 


Technological solution

To increase the accessibility of their program, CRHA choosed Elo for the numerous advantages of a virtual mentoring solution. Elo ease pairing since it gives the mentee the responsibility of finding the mentor who fits their needs. In addition, virtual mentoring, available 24h helps the program coordination and breaks inter-professional silos.


Mentoring expertise

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of mentoring, our expert helped CRHA program coordinator, mentor and mentee to succeed in their goals with the help of personalized support and formation every step of the way.


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