Elo Mentoring - Case Study - Medtronic

Case Study - Medtronic

We wanted to make diversity and inclusion a priority and a shared value within the company. To do this, we wanted to improve cross-generational collaboration and needed a digital solution that fit our needs.

Medtronic sought to...


Promote the integration of new employees

Promote the integration of new employees and the transition of more senior employees at the end of their careers.


Provide a tool for diversity and inclusion

Provide a tool for diversity and inclusion to facilitate intergenerational collaboration, creativity, innovation and mutual support.



Participate in the coaching and professional development of employees.

We were looking for an agile and scalable mentoring platform to meet our technology needs. Easy to use, ergonomic, and user-friendly, Elo was the ideal multi-media digital solution to deploy our mentoring program at scale.

Elo enabled Medtronic to...

Medtronic a réussi à atteindre ses objectifs.👇

Accelerate learning

“Elo’s mentoring platform has allowed us to accelerate learning and create meaningful connections between people from different departments.” 

Increase skills

“Elo has allowed us to both meet our diversity and inclusion goals, but also to focus on new goals focused on career development, knowledge development, managing long term absenteeism, and coaching for internal job interviews.”

Satisfy participants

“We had a lot of positive feedback on the program, so we extended it to other networks and then to all employees of the organization. So we expanded it to other networks, and then, in a second phase, to all employees of the organization.” 

Strategies deployed by Elo

Medtronic France was looking for a mentoring platform that would simplify the launch and management of their large-scale mentoring program.


Matching algorithm

The very flexible matching algorithm allowed for unconventional matches, such as reverse mentoring (a match where the mentor is younger than the mentee).


User-friendly interface

Elo’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface was a turnkey solution for achieving meaningful collaboration across generations. Elo made virtual mentoring accessible and easy to use for everyone.


Mentoring expertise

Mentoring Expertise: Elo provided the Medtronic team with the guidance they needed to roll out their mentoring program quickly and widely. The support and guidance of Elo’s mentoring experts greatly facilitated the deployment of the mentoring program internally.

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