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COVID-19 OFFER: Launch a turnkey virtual mentoring program with Élo

Élo is here to help mobilize and support those on your team working remotely. Leverage our turnkey mentoring software to develop an engaging, successful virtual mentoring program for everyone.

Benefit from ongoing coaching in setting up your program, targeted mentoring training, and unlimited Élo web and mobile app access for all participants.

The Élo Mentoring App helps you innovate during this unprecedented time of crisis. Ready your organization for tomorrow by fostering the skills of employees today.


“According to a survey by the Ordre des CRHA, 79% of HR professionals say they’re worried about reopening.”

4 reasons why a mentoring program matters more than ever during COVID-19

A virtual mentoring program helps your employees feel less isolated

Let your employees create and maintain meaningful human connections with other professionals during the crisis. Help motivate and engage employees by reducing feelings of alienation.

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retour sur investissement programme de mentorat

A virtual mentoring program helps you succeed in your digital transformation

Promote knowledge sharing and healthy communication in times of accelerated change. With the Élo Mentoring App, you’re creating a community of mutual aid that helps reduce stresses related to sudden shifts within your organization.

A virtual mentoring program helps you compassionately integrate or reinstate employees

Mobilize recruits during the post-crisis period and successfully reinstate employees who have been away for months. With Élo, you can create a robust mentoring culture that encourages skill sharing.

A virtual mentoring program prepares your employees and your organization for economic recovery

Help your staff adapt to their new managerial and professional roles. The Élo Mentoring App ensures your post-crisis action plan deploys effectively.

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Your turnkey mentoring solution

Learn how to plan, deploy, and effectively manage a virtual mentoring program with a tool that’s easy to set up and use. Mobilize employees facing new challenges related to COVID-19.

Ongoing assistance in setting up your mentoring program

Our experts are here to help your organization launch a successful mentoring program

Training for program coordinators

Master your role as coordinator, recruiting and engaging participants with ease

Training for mentors and mentees

We help participants get acquainted with Élo for the richest mentoring experience possible

Facilitate matches between participants

Take advantage of our smart matching algorithm and create successful mentor-mentee connections

Unlimited access to the Élo application

Use Élo to create a powerful mentoring space where participants can grow and thrive within the workplace

Measurable achievements

With the help of Élo’s guidance, you can create a real, results-driven mentoring culture within your organization

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